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Sep 7, 2012 5:00am EDT
to be earthquakes. one of them in los angeles and another in china. in the chinese quake, 43 people were killed. 150 more injured. a 5.6 quake in southwest china. the one in los angeles was 3.4. it struck around 9 miles west of downtown los angeles, no reports of injury. >> another big story, trouble off the field for dematha a high-school football players. >> they are accused of hiring prostitutes after a game in north carolina. jummy olabanji is live outside the school this morning in hyattsville. >> good morning. reports that the incident happened just a week ago last friday when the team traveled to north carolina for their season opener. the washington post is reporting five players involved in this incident have all been removed from the football team. a parent of one of the players told the went on line and hired three prostitutes from a call service in the carolina. reports say after the final bed check was done around 4:00 in the morning they escorted the prostitutes into the hotel and some of them engaged in sexual activity with the prostitutes in one of the hotel rooms. all the players in
Sep 17, 2012 5:00am EDT
investigation. making stopsobama cincinnati and columbus, ohio. republican nominee mitt romney is in los angeles. this comes on the heels of new polls. the president is leading mitt pennsylvania. two daily tracking polls show that race is still very close. gallup had president obama up one. anders rasmussen gives mitt two-point edge. it's nine minutes past the hour on this monday. >> still ahead, a pain at the palm, on this monday. >> still ahead, a pain at the palm, the excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. shot thisl morning. d.c., but almost 40's.ody else in the good morning, washington. am meteorologist jacqui jeras. we have some big changes by the time you get home for work today. be a lot different compared to what we are waking up duke's. 44 and at dulles, petersburg, 55 at bwi marshall. lots of clouds throughout the day. by late of rain afternoon. high temperature between 75 and 79 degrees. overnight showers and thunderstorms developing. 57-62. tomorrow we need to be paired some of thunderstorms especially late in the day
Sep 6, 2012 5:00am EDT
of los angeles wildfire that's in the angeles 48%onal forest, which is contained. tropical storm region brought rainfall, helped a lot, but the s only 23% contained earlier in the day. an argument over snacks may be for a deadly stabbing louis.t >> two men were fighting over a cheetos when one of the knife and out a stabbed the other man in the chest. died at the hospital. >> it is very sad. i would have bought the man a chips if i had been here. >> police say the suspected killer was taken into custody, charged with second-degree murder. investigators thought both of homeless,volved were not to beurned out the case. clear what sparked the cheetos.over a strip club in upstate new york the courtconvince is a form ofing art. of an effort to a $124,000 tax bill. the venue claims the dancers are artists and should be given a tax break under new york law. the court is expected to make a decision next month. >> we will see how that plays out. your favorite football snacks will cost a little more this year. >> that terrible. more americans using food stamps. bell.get to linda the news is not v
Sep 19, 2012 5:00am EDT
. eventually it will be flown to california atn science center in los angeles. the same system that affected are weather camp. it was the rain forest in texas way throughe its florida and then to us. we feel >> a lot of people did. moving out, but we still morning and ais couple sprinkles, but no big deal. it really a pack a punch. had a fair amount of damage wind gusts of 61 miles an hour at reagan national the storm moved through. so there was a little damage. all of the blue dots indicate wind damage. f them. nationwide, there were 115. wide.was over four inches of rain in meyersville and deale elementary school. in frederick, maryland, just of a 41 inches. em7 in el smithsburg -- mittsburg. when we have clouds that night, that helps to hold in the heat. at 60's right now. 63 at reagan national. 50s across the west. 55 in westchester. temperatures will be warming up. skies will be clearing. becoming mostly sunny and pleasant, 67-72 degrees today. tomorrow we will be in the mid- 70s. as we approach the weekend. our only chance of rain over the is late saturday sunday.d hopefully, the
Sep 20, 2012 5:00am EDT
was disappointed visit waswo-day shortened to one day. take what we can. los angeles is crying about the trees. e trees, we will keep the shuttle. how was that? be a threeposed to ride that turned four hour nightmare for dozens of people at a california amusement park. says arry farm right malfunctioned, stranding people 300 feet in the year. -- in the air. officials say nobody was hurt indicationas no anybody was in danger. riders was scared of heights. trying to face her fear. >> tech geeks may be buying the for tablet, but coffee lovers may want the mo.est starbucks giz >> and they want to fill your mailbox with more junk mail. hello -- certainly news we do not want to hear. in our e- battle spam inboxes. prepare for more such shopping catalogs and credit-card applications in your mailbox. the post office is cutting deals with direct mail marketers to number of sales pitches this and by standard , known as junk mail. this is as the postal service in first-ge drop off ofss mail and billions dollars in losses. are said to run out of in october. those single cup makers a run -- starbucks has civi
Sep 24, 2012 5:00am EDT
to the business television so we celebrate tv all over again next year. in downtown los angeles, abc news reporting. >> modern family is doing well. good to see that. >> i love that show. >> it is cold. in the attack this morning. >> you needed pretty mu-- you n. 70's all week long and looking quite nice. we will tell you about changes in a second. have clouds keeping and warmertures a little this morning. have a lot of fifties out there. a couple 40's scattered. 51 at chesapeake beach, 48 in waldorf and 52 in woodbrige, 46 and sterling. warrenton at 49 degrees. a little disturbance up to our keeping the cloudier. the west, we have frost and freeze advisories'. 59 is our average to load this time of year. morning it was 55. we will come out today a little that. you can see the clouds. all the showers staying up to notnorth, but that will impact us today. skies will be clearing rapidly pressure scoots east and dominates our weather the next couple days. our forecast for today, skies becoming mostly sunny, a high temperature between 67 and 72. mainly clear and cold tonight. tomorrow morning
Sep 25, 2012 5:00am EDT
starting in march. the two people charged tried from steviellions pleaded no contest. according to the los angeles prosecutor. they were sentenced monday to 2 days in jail, served. released within hours but will remain on probation for e years. walker is stevie wonder's cousin, who was arrested in may videotrying to sell a which made allegations sinnst the
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7